Sunday, June 16, 2013

Spelling invention . . . Part I

I haven't read Charles Read's work on children's invented spelling but am going to post some of the interesting English words as spelled written down by an 8-year old studying English in India.

Note : Seed for this post was drafted three years back but pushed to hibernate, and re-ignited now.

'Ruff' work [ Actual word: Roughwork ]

Increa'ces' [Actual word : Increases ]

Prep'era'tion [ Actual word : Preparation ]

Resist'ence' [ Actual word : Resistance ]

Y'eild'ing [ Actual word : Yielding ]

K'erla' [ Actual word : Kerala ]

W'hea'ther [ Actual word : Whether ]

Obta'ind' [ Actual word : Obtained ]

Sym'tems' [ Actual word : Symptoms ]

F'eav'er [ Actual word : Fever ]

S'hed'ule [ Actual word : Schedule ]

Spa'id' [ Actual word : Spade ]

Rec'ieve' [ Actual word : Receive ]

Re'couc'es [ Actual word : Resources ]

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Gandhi Tablet -- Chennai Central

Considering the gateways to the metro, Chennai Central Railway Station can be considered as the second oldest -- first being the Chennai Port ; rest in the list includes Koyambedu Central Bus Terminus, Chennai International / Domestic Airport. What impression does the Central have upon the first time / repeat visitors to the city ? noisy ? rubbish ? polluted ? sultry ?

Electronic display boards of all sizes, big, medium and small, hog the limelight as one enters the station -- line of sight is tilted upwards. This is quite common as that many number of trains depart or arrive at regular intervals. But what escapes is one small tablet that is well behind the chains facing the trains in platform 6 and adjacent platforms. What's special about this tablet ? What's the historical value of this tablet ? Why so much rant about it ?

Why was this tablet installed here ? When was it installed ? And at whose initiation ? In the coming posts, let us explore and find more.

Indo-British Review -- A Journal of History . . . Part II

With the brief introduction in Part I, this post looks at what was the Journal's objectives, when it ceased publication and other related things.

Journal clearly lists down it's objectives in serialized form. Here is the abridged version of that : promote the study of Indo-British History and Institutions, study the impact of India on Great Britain's art, culture and philosophy, document the "final aspects of British legacy in India", and "appraise the contributions of Englishmen" in various spheres spanning the three centuries (of British rule in India).

However, it is still unclear as to what happened to this Journal after 1997. Was it published post-1997 ? If so, until when ? Are these volumes available in any of the libraries and Government-run archives in India ?

Friday, April 19, 2013

Indo-British Review -- A Journal of History . . . Part I

Writing in the Volume 8, Issue 3, 1980 issue of The Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History, the editor briefly introduces Indo-British Review. Published twice yearly, since 1967, it's editorial board seems to have comprised of scholars from India and from both the continents across the Atlantic. The journal had it's registered as Rajaram Mehta Avenue, Madras with the trust "Indo-British Historical Society".

I bought Jan-Jun,1985 issue of this journal from a book-seller. However, it is not clear until when this was in publication. Catalogue of the Australian National Library has issues dated 1997. When it ceased publication ? What was it's objectives ?


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Where the first rocket was launched ?

Talking to a well-known figure, who had authored a book on the forts of TamilNadu, this subject came up in our brief conversation.

This article was published in 2009, several months after I had visited Pollilore.

Here is the link to the article that appeared in Madras Musings,

Unexpectedly, I came across another article on the same topic published in the same fortnightly (!) almost exactly 10 years back.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Loooong breeeeaaaakkkkk . . . . .

2012 had been very very hectic . . . the past year drove me black and blue.

Let us see what is in store in 2013.