Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Gandhi Tablet -- Chennai Central

Considering the gateways to the metro, Chennai Central Railway Station can be considered as the second oldest -- first being the Chennai Port ; rest in the list includes Koyambedu Central Bus Terminus, Chennai International / Domestic Airport. What impression does the Central have upon the first time / repeat visitors to the city ? noisy ? rubbish ? polluted ? sultry ?

Electronic display boards of all sizes, big, medium and small, hog the limelight as one enters the station -- line of sight is tilted upwards. This is quite common as that many number of trains depart or arrive at regular intervals. But what escapes is one small tablet that is well behind the chains facing the trains in platform 6 and adjacent platforms. What's special about this tablet ? What's the historical value of this tablet ? Why so much rant about it ?

Why was this tablet installed here ? When was it installed ? And at whose initiation ? In the coming posts, let us explore and find more.

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