Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Nagalapuram Trek

On a sunny Sunday morning on Oct/10/2010, a group of 37 (a prime number that satisfies 4n+1 condition) trekkers driving in about 10 cars + one Royal Enfield Bullet descended on a tiny farming hamlet, Arai, causing raised eyebrows amongst the local villagers. People's clinic Trust in this village, bordering TamilNadu and Andhra Pradesh, was the starting point. Later during the trek, I realized there were quite a few regulars, like the, 9-year, Mahesh, from Ambattur, who had come with his father, Naresh Puri.

There seems to be enough write up here available already about the place, however, this trek was just a one day affair -- we covered three pools and in CTC's parlance this trek was marked 'N75 Easy'.

Tidbits from the trek that stands etched in my memory (fading but working still) :

1. What happened to that canine that followed us all the way up to pool I ? what happened to her after that ? wasn't she interested in pursuing in other pools ?

2. Those huge swamp of butterflies was definitely lovely to watch. Thought they were common crow but I don't think am correct. Does anyone know their exact common name / scientific name ?

3. I may again visit the place, not for trekking but to the Surutupalli (Lord Shiva in reclining posture) temple.

4. My new found eagerness to learn swimming.

5. Seeing the 9-year old Mahesh matching his dad's pace (infact, he outpaced many of the adults in that trek), showed no sign of tiring, enjoyed every second of his trek. At this point, I recall what I had read, about few months back, a quote of
Konrad Lorenz, Nobel prize winner in Physiology in 1973, that to teach humans to care for nature is to start when they are young.

6. Need stamina (I had enough for this easy trek), and a good pair of walking shoes (which am surely lacking) for such treks.

7. Are there any old records (dated 18th or early 19th century) about the geography of Nagalapuram ? It will be interesting to read writings from that period.

8. I believe there should be two (not just one) emergency kits -- one with the leader and the other with the sweeper.

9. How nice it would be to know / hear about the place, its flora and fauna during the trek ? This is sure to kindle souls of good 'nature' (pun intended) for further exploration.

10. I was told that the altitude of the mountain path covered in the trek could be between 500m - 600m. Does anyone know the exact details ?

Photos from this trek can be seen from:

Sabarinathan :


(Bullet) Praveen:

Sanjeev Kumar:






விஷ்ணு said...

//a group of 37 (a prime number that satisfies 4n+1 condition)//

It seems that you are tiger about the maths.

ARK said...

The day by itself is a very special day 10/10/10.

விஷ்ணு said...

It is easy to remember our first trek 's day 10/10/10.

photography society of madras said...

Good review Ramanathan....Thanks


Thanks for all your comments.

@Vishnu: Am no tiger in Math, just recalled what I had read in Simon Singh's book Fermat's Last Theorem.

@ARK: Yes, its quite a special day for another reason --

@PSM : Thanks, Are you Mr.Sabarinathan ?