Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Andrew Carnegie's stop over @ Madras

Anyone interested in Madras' heritage would be surprised to know that the famous self-made billionaire visited Madras, for few days, while he was going round the world trip. This event is set in the late nineteenth century of British India.

Excerpts from the archives of The Sunday Times Plus Sri Lanka Edition
dated Jun/15/2008,

Accompanied by a friend, John Vandervorst, Carnegie set out westward from New York on October 12, 1878, and returned after 256 days on June 24, 1879. When the pair reached Singapore, Galle became their next port of call. They weren’t alone on the passage to Ceylon, for as is revealed in William T. Hornaday’s The Minds and Manners of Wild Animals: A Book of Personal Observations (1922; paperback 2007) they “convoyed my Old Man and another small orang from Singapore to Colombo, Ceylon, whence they were shipped on to Madras, received there by my old friend A.G.R. Theobald, - and presented at the court of the Duke of Buckingham.”

Courtesy: The Sunday Times, Sri Lanka

What interests me in this stop over ? Am trying to locate / find if there is any literature, images, and photos related to this event are available.

I contacted organizations, like, Carnegie Foundation, and Columbia University @ New York but they do not have any such material. My inquiry with Library of Congress' Manuscript and Reading Room is not answered yet !

Can anyone, reading this post, help me ?

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