Friday, December 17, 2010

Chennai Book Fair -- Leisurely Reading

From a recent conversation with an author (of Tamil origin) from Hong Kong, got to know about an interesting aspect in the book fair (annual ?) event in that former British-colony and now a self-governing administrative region of People's Republic of China : visitors can pick / choose books from the vendor stalls and take them to coffee-shops to have a leisurely reading, after they are done with it, its absolutely fine to leave the books at the coffee-shop. Wow, what a way to promote the event amongst people of all ages.

We (Chenna-ites) all know how cramped the book stalls are (causing lack / absence of standing space for visitors to browse the books) at the Chennai book fair. Many visitors simply do not enter some of the stalls after having to see so many people packed in to so little space.

Is anyone in BAPASI reading this note ?

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