Thursday, December 30, 2010

Chennai Book Fair -- What does it mean to Children of St.George's Anglo Indian Hr. Sec. School ?

Chennai Book Fair, marking its 34th edition in 2011, will be at the St.George's Anglo Indian Higher Secondary School premises. What does it mean to the pupils of this school ? I believe some of them are from economically weaker sections of the society. Can the numerous publishers and book-sellers set aside few copies of their appropriate literature (meant for Children) and donate it to these kids ? If there are no suitable books, maybe, BAPASI can identify other means to fulfill this 'CSR' -- Yes, its true, that exhibitors pay for the stalls, will have to meet so many other obligations during the fair and also meet certain (internal) monetary targets and keep themselves in business; nobody is denying that there are stomachs to be fed but any collective action, like, donating books to the school's library, will have a positive impact amongst the children.

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